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Clear Plastic Tower Plant Pots - various sizes

Clear Plastic Tower Plant Pots - various sizes

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Aroid Pots

These Clear Plastic Tower Plant Pots are excellent for all houseplants but perfect for all aroids. They are taller than a standard plant pot, they're made of semi-transparent hard-wearing plastic allowing you to have visibility of those important roots.

These Aroid pots are available in 5 different sizes giving the plants plenty of room for growth. They all feature a superb array of drainage holes at the bottom and up the pot’s lower third. 


 Here are the dimensions:
5cm pots = 5cm Diameter, 6.5cm in height
7cm pots = 7cm Diameter, 10cm in height
9cm pots = 9cm Diameter, 12.5cm in height
12cm pots  = 12cm Diameter, 16.5cm in height
15cm pots = 15cm Diameter, 18.5cm in height


We currently offer these pots in singles or in packs of 5 and 10

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